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Walk in Closet

Amazing Walk In Closet Transformation

Welcome back to the blog! This project was one of my favorites because not only is it visually appealing, it's extremely functional! This post shows the full process of my master closet renovation. Before the Renovation Before I get to explaining how this transformation took place, let's take a look at the before! This is a massively large walk-in closet in the master suite. The only problem was that we had trouble fitting things into the closet because of it's layout. There was only one bar for clothes that ran around the whole room. There weren't any shelves or drawers ...
Spaghetti Noodles

Easy to Make Homemade Spaghetti Noodles

Today's post is a fun one about homemade spaghetti and other noodles! I've been making homemade pasta occasionally since I was 21. Growing up, I saw my parents make gnocci so I knew that it was possible to make noodles from home. I was living on my own and had to avoid dairy. Finding foods to eat was hard and I had to make almost everything from scratch. At that time, there also weren't very many dairy free alternatives. I remember there being Daiya cheese, Silk yogurt, and a few different types of dairy free milk. You had to go ...
Jello Shots

Happy 4th of July! & Jello Shots!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today marks Nick and my 5 year anniversary! Over the last 5 years, I haven't been blogging much. A lot has happened and my focus has been on many of the other things we had going on. So where have I been? June 2017 - Nick and I moved in to our house! It was an eight month process building the new house. Finally, on June 8th, we were given the go-ahead to move in! We had originally planned to move in on June 6th but there were sign-offs from the city that caused the ...
Blog Planner


Hello everyone! It's been two years since I've made any updates to this site and I noticed that I still had the 2020 blogging planner pop-up! I bet it's no surprise to any of you that since I set-up the 2020 pop-up, a lot has happened. To avoid having outdated links in the future, I've updated the blogging planner to be able to work for any year! Get your copy here! ...

Easy 3 Step Method for Air Drying Your Garden Herbs

We're well into the 2020 gardening season! Do you have an abundance of herbs from your garden? Here's a super easy method for drying garden herbs. And yes, I know my photo says 2018 on the bags. I had so much basil and parsley in 2018 that I honestly haven't dried any since! But, better late than never to make a post about it, right?! 1. Gather Your Herbs Into a Bundle Take a good amount of one type of herb, preferably with some stem left on them, and tie them together. You can use elastic string, a twisty tie, ...


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