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Freezer Pancakes

The Best Freezer Pancakes

Guys! I have found the most perfect freezer pancakes recipe ever. I've been making freezer pancakes for years! It's always such a convenience to be able to pop a pancake out of the freezer for a quick meal. I know I said this is the best recipe but I really mean it! I mean as long as you like a fluffy pancake and not a flat pancake. They come out looking pro every time! I don't do anything special with mixing the ingredients. I just throw them all in the bowl at once and then mix until well combined. If ...
Blog Planner

2020 Blogging Planner: 60 Pages! Free Printable!

That's right! The 2020 Blog Planner is here! 60 Pages of planning mania! All for free! Here's What You'll Get! Notes for the 5 Step Blog PostFollower Goals and TrackingPage Views and Users Milestone trackingAffiliate Programs tracking sheetFull Blog Post and Social Sharing ChecklistBlog Post SEO ChecklistBi-Weekly Topic PlannerBrainstorming WorksheetsTo Do List WorksheetContent/Social/Website Goals WorksheetMonthly Blog Income WorksheetJanuary to December CalendarFull Year Income Report WorksheetLinkup trackingFacebook and Pinterest GroupsNotes Pages Click on the image above or here to download now! ...
2020 New Year's Goals

New Year’s Goals – 2020

It's been a while since I've posted on here and while I'd love to say that my New Year's goal is to be on here more often, I can't necessarily do that. I used to have such a passion for blogging and while I would love for that to come back, I can't force it. So, for now, I'll take my few days of motivation to get this post up and talk a bit about my goals for 2020. Goal 1: Budgeting with the 70% Rule I'm sure you've all seen Jordan Page's 70% rule for budgeting by now. Last ...
Textured Render Finish

Effective DIY Technique For Textured Render Finish On Exterior Walls

Every house owner wants his or her home to look best in the locality. The paints on the exterior walls play a pivotal role in the overall appearance of a building. So it is crucial to apply the best quality paints on these walls and make sure that the job is done properly. Though there are many professional painters who can paint the entire house efficiently, many homeowners may find them too expensive to hire. If you are also one of them, then you need to learn the DIY procedure for delivering textured render finish to your exterior walls. This ...
Breakfast Burritos Featured Image

Freezer BREAKFAST bURRITOS You’ll Love

Welcome back to the blog! I have another Freezer meal for you today! This one is a hot commodity in my house! Breakfast burritos are a great freezer meal because they are quick and easy to make. There are also so many different varieties that you will never get sick of them! Or at least, we don't. 😉 Prepping Your Ingredients Picking your ingredients is the fun part to making breakfast burritos. Just pick the ingredients you want and chop them up. Here are some ideas to get you started: potatoes, rice, onions, green onions, shallots, garlic, peppers, beans, ham, ...


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