We’re well into the 2020 gardening season! Do you have an abundance of herbs from your garden? Here’s a super easy method for drying garden herbs.

And yes, I know my photo says 2018 on the bags. I had so much basil and parsley in 2018 that I honestly haven’t dried any since! But, better late than never to make a post about it, right?!

Drying Garden Herbs

1. Gather Your Herbs Into a Bundle

Take a good amount of one type of herb, preferably with some stem left on them, and tie them together. You can use elastic string, a twisty tie, a rubber band; anything to tie them together by the stems.

2. Hang the Herbs to Dry

Really anywhere works. I hung mine up to dry on my hanging lights above the counter. I never really knew what the purpose of those lights were since we have can lights that light up the whole kitchen. Well, I found their purpose! And yes, I’m using chip clips to attach them to the lights.

Garden Herbs Drying on handing lights

3. Use a Coffee Grinder to Grind the Herbs

Yes! You read that right! A coffee grinder works amazingly at grinding herbs to use for cooking! I like to make sure I have a coffee grinder that is not the same one I use for coffee. Nobody wants coffee tasting like basil or vice versa!

The coffee grinder I use looks like the one below but was the Mr Coffee brand. Don’t put too much in at a time though or you’ll have a bit of trouble getting it to all grind to the same consistency.

And there you have it! Drying garden herbs is super easy! It does take quite a while for the leaves to air dry though so be patient. 😀

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, go check out my post on making some basil butter! I used this butter to spread onto a delicious garden scallion cornbread too!

basil butter
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