July 2017 Blog Income Report

July 2017 Blog Income Report


This Month’s Top Post: Keep it Simple, DIY is 2! Blogiversary– 293 Views

This Month’s Runner Up: My Wedding Disaster – 248 Views

July marked some a big change for me!  I am now married!  Nick and I enjoyed our honeymoon in Utah after getting married on July 1st.  It was a great break from getting everything  put together in the new house.  I also took a huge break from blogging and didn’t even share a single thing while on vacation.  My numbers surely show that as well.

Revenue was definitely down but I expect it to pick back up in the next month or so.


Ads – $73.49
Total: $73.49

Tailwind – $10..00
Domain – $1.26
Hosting – $6.99
Etsy – $0.20
Total: $18.45

NET INCOME: $55.04


*Affiliate links in pink

Last month I had said that I would be back in full force for August.  I’m getting there.  I may not post twice per week for the first few weeks of August though.  This is mainly because I decided to make a big switch from Tailwind to Board Booster.  It just happened to be that I was at the end of my year for Tailwind.  So, I figured I’d try Board Booster to see if I see a difference.

I’ve decided that with getting back into full swing of the blog I want to redesign the site.  I have a few ideas going but I’ve noticed that over the years the blog has become less simple looking. You know?  It’s almost to the point of cluttered which definitely doesn’t fit with the theme of ‘keep it simple’.  So I’ve started looking into new themes.

I also am determined to be more social.  One of my major pitfalls with the blog is that I don’t take the time to seek out others.   So this is my new blogging year’s resolution.

Lastly, I’ve decided that I want to switch the days that I share posts. Currently, I’ve been sharing on Tuesdays and Saturdays when I share twice per week.  I would like to try posting on Mondays and Thursdays.  These are said to be good blogging post days and this may just work better with my schedule. I will probably test this out for a month or so soon then decide if I want to stick with it.

Overall, not much progress on the blog because of all of the exciting life changes but I’m ready to start revamping and ramping up!

Have any of you changed your theme before?  

I’ve tested a few themes and it seems that I’m having plugin compatibility issues.


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  1. Cindy Gordon says:

    Hey, that’s not bad for taking such a big break. Plus, with a wedding and moving and such, that would keep your hands full!

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