The Plus Side of Having Your Own Domain: + Coupon Codes

Having your own Domain

One of my biggest accomplishments so far in my life is that I am the author of Alex and John’s Scientific Adventures.  This is a project I started while finishing college and proudly created my very first book.  At the same time, I knew I needed to do so much in order to get my book out there.

While writing my book, I was also teaching ‘How to’ classes to both children and adults on a variety of different subjects.  With all of these opportunities, I knew that I needed to start a business that would save me from being liable if something unfortunate were to happen.

With that, I turned to some friends who do business in social media to gain knowledge about how to start a business and what all is needed.  Of course, on top of all of the legal mumbo-jumbo, they helped me create a website (hosted through their website).

There was one problem with my website.  It was not easy to navigate to if you didn’t know that I was using WordPress.  I wanted everyone who know of my book to be able to get to the website without having any trouble, so I decided that I needed to have my own domain name.

With the new domain name came many benefits:

  • I could create email addresses that included the domain name.
  • My guests only needed to remember the book’s name to get to the website.
  • My website looked and felt like ‘MINE’
  • Being able to put my domain name in my book made everything feel complete.

used 1&1 for my domain hub and actually liked the service very much.  

***Update:  This blog is now self hosted through and of course through 1&1.  I highly recommend them.  I paid less than $1/month for the first year and they are great to help when any issues arise.


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8 thoughts on “The Plus Side of Having Your Own Domain: + Coupon Codes

  1. Kari Jonard says:

    I could be mistaken but I believe that the 'self hosted' part of these sites is that the individual controls a lot of the functionality however because it is a third party site, I would still consider them to be the host.

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