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Spaghetti Noodles

Easy to Make Homemade Spaghetti Noodles

Today's post is a fun one about homemade spaghetti and other noodles! I've been making homemade pasta occasionally since I was 21. Growing up, I saw my parents make gnocci so I knew that it was possible to make noodles from home. I was living on my own and had to avoid dairy. Finding foods to eat was hard and I had to make almost everything from scratch. At that time, there also weren't very many dairy free alternatives. I remember there being Daiya cheese, Silk yogurt, and a few different types of dairy free milk. You had to go ...
Jello Shots

Happy 4th of July! & Jello Shots!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today marks Nick and my 5 year anniversary! Over the last 5 years, I haven't been blogging much. A lot has happened and my focus has been on many of the other things we had going on. So where have I been? June 2017 - Nick and I moved in to our house! It was an eight month process building the new house. Finally, on June 8th, we were given the go-ahead to move in! We had originally planned to move in on June 6th but there were sign-offs from the city that caused the ...
Blog Planner


Hello everyone! It's been two years since I've made any updates to this site and I noticed that I still had the 2020 blogging planner pop-up! I bet it's no surprise to any of you that since I set-up the 2020 pop-up, a lot has happened. To avoid having outdated links in the future, I've updated the blogging planner to be able to work for any year! Get your copy here! ...

Easy 3 Step Method for Air Drying Your Garden Herbs

We're well into the 2020 gardening season! Do you have an abundance of herbs from your garden? Here's a super easy method for drying garden herbs. And yes, I know my photo says 2018 on the bags. I had so much basil and parsley in 2018 that I honestly haven't dried any since! But, better late than never to make a post about it, right?! 1. Gather Your Herbs Into a Bundle Take a good amount of one type of herb, preferably with some stem left on them, and tie them together. You can use elastic string, a twisty tie, ...
Freezer tamales

5 Tips for Making Tamales to Fill Your Freezer

Welcome back to the blog! Tamales are a great meal to make in bulk and store in the freezer. Tip 1: Spread the Masa with a Dough Cutter The first time I made tamales, I spread the Masa with a spoon and had such a hard time getting it to stick. I switched to a douchebag cutter with a flat edge and can now spread the Masa in one swoop. Tip 2: Spread the Masa on the Rough Side of the Corn Husk Yes, I've made the mistake of not knowing one side from the other on a corn husk ...


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