3 unique ways to fit a double-bed into tiny bedroom

3 unique ways to fit a double-bed into tiny bedroom May 1, 2018Leave a comment

3 tips to fit double bed in tiny room

I remember my life was very simple when I was a university student. I was living in a dormitory with a single bed. Other furniture in the room were a desk, a chair, a wardrobe and a fridge. Fast moving 15 years later, I am now married with two kids and live in a small space apartment.

Limited space in the bedroom is definitely an issue, especially if you have to fit in a double-bed. Moreover, you should be able to move around freely without bumping into the dresser or the bed! But you can still maximize the available space after fitting a double bed inside by adopting a systematic approach.
doubled bed in tiny bedroom


Start by measuring the room’s length and width, sans furniture so you know exactly how much space there is. Trim down the size of a double bed by removing the components that take up valuable space in a small bedroom. For instance, you could get rid of the headboard and foot-board that reduces the bed’s dimensions. In other word, how about creating a streamlined headboard by propping up bed pillows against the wall. And of course, ditch the foot-board entirely.

Save Floor Space

The double bed can be placed into the corner as it saves a lot of floor space. Place a small desk, bench or low-profile dresser against the foot of the bed to provide additional function – this arrangement looks aesthetically appealing as well. You can also try putting the head of the bed in front of a window, as this leaves solid walls for vertical shelving units, chest of drawers or a dresser and mirror. Another alternative is to put it diagonally across a bare corner as it makes the room look more spacious.
tiny bedroom with double bed

Focus on the Center

Float a double bed in the center of a small bedroom to convey the appearance of a larger, more airy space. If you position the bed in this manner, the visual aspect of the room is enhanced, while the cluttered feel is minimized. You can hang a small chandelier over the center to brighten up the room and the bed below. The chandelier also draws your eyes upward to expand the visual space in a room.

If you are really stumped for space, use twin beds with a popup trundle that can convert a single bed into a double, or buy a Murphy bed that fold into a vertical cabinet when not in use. Maximize the storage space under a bed by furnishing the room with a platform double bed with built-in drawers. Another way to make good use of limited spaces is to buy furniture that has multiple functionalities such as bench seats with hidden storage options. Go ahead and get creative!

murphy bed

Final thought

As we grow older, we acquire more items into our home. These additional stuffs are not helpful when we are considering of fitting a double-bed into the tiny space. Hence, my best advise if you are living in a small space is to consider these decluttering tips! And finally, you would enjoy the increase of your house value naturally.

3 tips to fit double bed in tiny room

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