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10 Must Haves in My Next Home

10 Must Haves in My Next Home February 13, 201620 Comments

Hi, I’m Kari, creator of Keep it Simple, DIY. I’m a lifestyle blogger with an MBA who blogs about finance, Home & DIY, blogging, and more. My main motto is that if you just try, you will succeed. The key is to Keep it Simple.

10 Must Haves In My Next Home

Ok, so maybe these are my ten top wants in my next home.

A Laundry Room with storage on the same floor as the bedrooms.

Master Suite Bathroom and Large Walk in Closet

Mud Room/Drop Station

Kitchen Island

Blogging Office

Movie Room in the basement – with great acoustics 

Backyard with room for a hot tub and fire pit

Large Baseboards

Angled wall or something that stands out architecturally

and last but not least, a 3 Car Garage so we can fit both cars and outside maintenance equipment.

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Hi, I’m Kari, creator of Keep it Simple, DIY. I’m a lifestyle blogger with an MBA who blogs about finance, Home & DIY, blogging, and more. My main motto is that if you just try, you will succeed. The key is to Keep it Simple.


  1. Don’t need a mud room in Florida but everything else looks really lovely. Love the blogging office. I have an office but I find I blog everywhere; in the living room, in the car (while my husband is driving), and in bed late at night. : )

  2. I think you and I have the same taste in homes and the same list in an ideal home… nice pictures, I love that home, I wish I could move in there!
    I hope it all works out for you!

  3. The two I want, are the backyard hot tub, and the mudroom. We have NO where to put things, and always end up with stuff on the table, or on the banisters, or on the living room coffee table. Our townhouse desperately needs a drop off zone! My husband is always saying, “Where can I put your purse?” hahaha.

    1. Right! Our jackets end up on the kitchen chairs and my purse and lunch bag ends up on the cube organizer in my kitchen. Luckily, I solved the shoe problem with that cubey thing.

  4. Thank you for reminding me that I need a laundry room makeover BAD – we have a huge laundry room but it’s ugly and full of our junk! I need to work on that ASAP!

  5. I have several of the same things I want in my next home. I have so many ideas from pinterest it’s unreal. I tell myself if only I could win the lottery. A must in my next house is a huge walk in closet and an office that is just mine.

  6. Yes to all of those! =) I really love the idea of having a laundry room on the same floor as the bedroom, and that movie theater is stunning. =) Yay!

  7. Your next house is going to be HUGE! Big houses come with big electric bills and you’ll spend lots of time cleaning. Big houses are a huge time suck, in my opinion… Not. Worth. It.

    My current house is 2,900 sf and my next house (I haven’t moved in over 20 years) will be half the size or less and hopefully have a much smaller electric bill. In our hot Northern California summers, we use an evaporative cooler to keep the house comfortable because running the air conditioner costs me $900+ a month! That’s no fun.

    I don’t know if you have kids or not, but a big house means as your kids get older, they’ll spend more time holed up in their own rooms. We have four kids (25, 19, 18, 15 youngest three still living at home and oldest comes and goes but keeps all her stuff in her bedroom) and they all have their own bedrooms, if I could go back in time, I’d want a smaller house so they wouldn’t all hole up in their bedrooms, and instead, hang out in the living room or outside. Luckily for me, my kids are all still very close despite having grown up in a big house.

    We had a spa on our master bedroom porch but it was costing us $50-100 a month to heat and clean so to the dump it went (we bought it new 20 years ago, had it unplugged and empty for five years and then finally dumped it last year).

    We have a big walk-in shower, and I would definitely want another in our next house. Nothing beats a nice big walk-in shower. We had a big oversized two pickup detached garage with a shop area but it burned down in the 2015 Valley Fire. Big garages are awesome and we are in the process of replacing our old garage with an even bigger one. 😀

    1. I currently have a 1500 sq ft house. It’s extremely cheep for electricity, water, and the mortgage. No kiddos yet here but sometime in the future. I grew up in a large house although as an only child so I had a music room and a bedroom. I actually never hung out in my bedroom. I always found it weird that my friends did. I guess that was because I had two rooms. Granted I always hung out in the loft anyways. My next house will hopefully be around 3000 sq feet. I do assume though that when I have kiddos who turn into teenagers they probably will want nothing to do with me no matter what the size of the house but they will come back when they are adults and want to be closer. At least, wishful thinking. I always said I wanted a small house when I had a family but somewhere along the line that has changed. I also love the house work. I’ve lived in my home for three years now and have redone all of my bathrooms, my kitchen, all of the floors, and every room has been repainted at least once. I’m running out of projects. 🙂

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