The Ultimate List of Blogging Groups On Facebook

I’ve been blogging for a little under a year and the tool that has been the best referrer for me is Facebook.  When I first started my blog, I joined three Facebook blogging groups and shared very regularly in all of them.  Over time, I’ve discovered many other groups.  It has since become too difficult to try to remember which groups have which type of threads each day so I’ve created this list of groups and thread types.

I know the images below are hard to read, so I’ve added a download link for the excel file. 


Low Member Facebook

Mid Member Facebook

High Member Facebook I find myself doing the Click Through and StubleUpon threads in Grow your Blog and the Pinterest and Twitter threads in The Sparkle Group daily.  I also do the monthly follows in Bloggeres2Brands.

I also do every Saturday/combined weekend post because I post my blog posts every Saturday morning.

I know there are many more groups than on my list so I will hopefully be able to maintain this as a working document.  What is your favorite Facebook group for blog promotion?

Here are links to all of the mentioned groups:

Blog + Biz BFFs
Blog Beautiful
Blog Buzz
Blog Engagement and Promotion
Blog Promo Community
Bloggers Social Media Support
Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
Bloggers United
Blogging Boost
Blogging on Your Own Terms
Grow Your Blog
I <3 Pinterest
Inspired Bloggers Network Promo
Learn to Blog
PinChat – Pinterest Chat
The Blog Loft
The Blogger Life
The Sparkle Life


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