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Sourdough Pizza Crust

Ultimate Guide to Perfect Sourdough Pizza Crust: A Step-by-Step Tutorial!

Learn to make the perfect sourdough pizza crust in this easy step-by-step tutorial. Discover the secrets to achieving a crispy yet chewy texture with a delightful tangy flavor. Elevate your homemade pizzas to a whole new level with these tips and techniques. Join me and become a sourdough pizza crust master! Sourdough Pizza Crust Dough makes 4 full sized pizzas or many smaller sized pizzas. I got 22 tiny breakfast sized pizzas out of this recipe. 250 g Sourdough Starter ((1 1/4 c))700 g Water ((Scant 3 cups))20 g Salt ((4 tsp))60 g Olive Oil ((1/4 c))1000 g Flour ((4 ...

The Best Gluten Free Flour Mix For Quick Breads and Cakes That Will Wow a Crowd!

Welcome back to the blog! Today's post is the base of the most delicious gluten free treats. I spent a few years eating gluten free and during that time I researched how to make the best gluten free flour mix. This research came after trying many different pre-mixed flours and not being impressed with their flavor or price. So, I took it to the books and found out a great ratio for a gluten free flour. There is a ton of information out there on why this ratio works well. I'll spare you the details in this post. Without further ...
3 Important Questions

3 Important Questions to Ask Before Setting Your First Financial Goals

I am so excited to bring you all along on the journey to more organized and successful financial journey! Today we start out simple with a review of your financial goals. We will ask the following questions: Where am I at financially? Where do I want to be financially? How do I get where I want to be? These three questions will start to lay the foundation for your financial goals. Come along as we begin to transform your finances! Before we get started, download the free worksheet so you can note your answers to the questions below. Use one ...
Canning Pantry

Canning Pantry Tour

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Today's post is a bit different than most because it's a video! Click the image below to go to the video on YouTube or scroll down to watch the embedded video tour of my canning pantry ...
Spooky Deviled Eggs

Spooky Deviled Eggs For Halloween

To be fair, this wasn't my original idea. I believe it was Duke's Mayo that actually posted this idea first. I made these eggs about four years ago and am just now writing the post. I saw a black spiderweb deviled egg on Pinterest and thought those would be fun to make for our Halloween party. Of course these were a hit as deviled eggs always are. They did leave a dark after-effect though, if you know what I mean ;). Also, are you aware of the Teal Pumpkin Project? This project is where people put out a teal pumpkin ...


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