Freezer Pancakes

Guys! I have found the most perfect freezer pancakes recipe ever. I’ve been making freezer pancakes for years! It’s always such a convenience to be able to pop a pancake out of the freezer for a quick meal. I know I said this is the best recipe but I really mean it! I mean as long as you like a fluffy pancake and not a flat pancake. They come out looking pro every time!


I don’t do anything special with mixing the ingredients. I just throw them all in the bowl at once and then mix until well combined. If you cook your pancakes on the stove, use a medium-high heat.

I’ve learned that on my electric skillet, 350° is the perfect temperature to cook these on.

*Link to similar skillet*

I like to play around with the sizes. Sometimes I make larger pancakes like the ones pictured above, and sometimes I make pancakes that are only about 2-3 inches in diameter. Either size works perfectly.

Pancakes Recipe Card

Freezer Instructions

If you can make it through cooking the pancakes without eating all of them, line them to cool on a cooling rack. Let them cool completely before putting them into a freezer bag. I like to put parchment paper between each of them in the freezer bag so they don’t stick together.

Microwave them until warm and you have yourself a quick freezer breakfast!

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