Thank you so much for being a contributor for Keep it Simple, DIY.  The following tips are to guide you through creating your first post!

Create your About Section

  • In the Users – Your Profile section, update your short bio and add a profile picture.  (Do not add any links in this box.  There will be a field for your links later)

  • Update your Contact Information and Website information (Your website will be displayed on all of your posts)

  • Add your social profiles (which will also be shown on each of your posts)

Creating your Post

All Posts must adhere to the Guest Post Guidelines. Posts may include links back to your personal site but may not include links to any products, services, or anything else that is being sold.

  • The title goes in the box at the top of the page.
  • The Publish Box to the left is where you can save or preview your post
    • There are two colored Yoast Icons in the post for Readability and SEO.  Both need to be Green before you hit ‘Submit for Review’  There are tips for why your icons are not green below the text box for the post.  If you have troubles with this, please let me know.
  • The text box is where you write your post.  You can view your post by visual or text.
    • Please use the Headings Section between paragraphs and keep each paragraph short.
    • There is a click to tweet box option if you would like to include it in your post as well.

  • Mark one category that your post fits into out of the following (Home & DIY, Cooking, Pop (popular style posts), Blogging, Finance).
  • Add tags (words that describe your post.
  • Yoast SEO: Include a focus keyword (One word that best describes your post.  This section is where you can see tips to getting your post status green.
  • Add a featured image below on the right.  All featured images need to have written somewhere on them.  Posts need to include one Pinterest optimized image and one featured post size.  Featured images are landscape.

  • Leave everything below this point at default values.

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