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Keep It Simple, DIY is a lifestyle blog that breaks down every day tasks into small and manageable parts.  Some of the topics that Keep it simple, diy covers is food, finance, Diy, home, and blogging.  This blog is meant for anyone needing a little encouragement to get their new task started.  The main goal of Keep it Simple, DIY is to break down the steps so the readers will feel empowered to take action and get their task done.

who can guest post

Anyone with a similar niche or a niche that ties in with the main topics of Keep it Simple, DIY can request to submit a guest post.    While Keep it Simple, DIY accepts guest post, it does not sponsor posts.  Additionally, guest posts can include a link back to your site.  The link must not link back to a product or service to be considered a guest post.  (If you want to link back to a product or service, please reach out to me for pricing).

types of content ACCEPTED

  • All posts must be completely original and used only for Keep it Simple, DIY.
  • Content topics include Food, Finance, DIY, Home, and Blogging but is not exclusive.
  • Sales pitches are not accepted as guest posts but if you would like to submit an ad for the page, contact me at
  • Here are a few guest post examples:
  • Keep it Simple, DIY publishes new posts every Tuesday and Friday at 7am MST.
    • Only two guest posts are published per month.
    • Guest posts are scheduled one to two months in advance.  (If you submit a post in January, it will published most likely in March, depending on quantity of guest posts in the cue.
  • Keep it Simple, DIY accepts both pitches and drafts.  If the topic is questionable for if it will fit with the theme of the blog, please submit a pitch first. ‘

Post Guidelines

  • All posts should be between 500 and 1000 words.
  • Post titles should have a green score on the Coschedule Analyzer.
  • Images (any size) must be included in the post and must be either original images or public domain. If you are not sure if the image is public domain, do not use it. 
  • One Pinterest optimized image must be included to be used as the ‘featured image’.  Aspect ratio must be 2:3.
  • Please do not write from a source.  All content needs to come directly from the writer.
  • All posts need to include a short blurb about the writer and a photo of either the writer or blog logo.
  • You can link back to your blog twice during the post and once in the ‘About’ section of the post.  The link in the about section must be your blog homepage. All links must be embedded in the text when submitted. Links may not go to any page that is selling goods or services.
  • All posts must have a good (Green) readability score from Yoast.  (If you do not have access to Yoast, feel free to submit your post and I can check for you).

submission guidelines

  • All post ideas must be approved prior to submitting the post or your post may not be published.  See the welcome email for more information on how to submit post ideas.
  • All post submissions must be submitted through the WordPress site.
  • Keep it Simple, DIY reserves the right to edit headlines, images, the body of the post, and any other piece of the submission.
  • All submitted posts become the property of Keep it Simple, DIY and cannot be used for any other website.

turn around time

  • The average review time for a submission is one to two weeks although I will try to provide a brief confirmation by email that I received your submission prior.
  • If your post is accepted, I will provide you with the date and time the post is scheduled and the link it will be live at on the scheduled date.  The link will work once the post has gone live.
  •  I will not send an email once the post goes live.  Please use the link provided to access your post.  Please subscribe to the blog on the homepage or in the sidebar if you would like an email notification the day the post goes live.
  • I will respond to your submission whether approved or not. Please give me at least two weeks before you contact me again after submitting.  I work on the blog in month sections so there are typically a few weeks each month that I don’t focus on posts.

After your post is live

  • Please share the post to your social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, StumbleUpon, and any other social media sites you may have.)
  • Do your best to generate traffic and engagement to your post.  The more traffic and engagement to the post, the more people click the links back to your site.

Complete the survey below if you are interested writing for Keep it Simple, DIY.


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