My Wedding Disaster

Nick and I just had our wedding yesterday and it was supposed to be the happiest day ever. But, because of one person, I’ve been quite the upset bride.

I gave the officiant the script of what we wanted at our wedding and she told me she made some minor tweaks. To me, minor tweaks would be no big deal. She emailed me to let me know the night before our morning wedding and didn’t even bother to attach a copy with the changes she made.

Then, she showed up five minutes before the ceremony start time even though I asked her to show up 15 minutes before. She also smelled very strongly of cigarettes.  So, we didn’t get a chance to review the ceremony but I put my trust in her that only minor changes were made.

We really wanted our ceremony to be short, sweet, and to the point. This fits us and we just like to be true and not overly fluffy.

The first problem we caught before the ceremony because the officiant asked where the rings are. I told her we weren’t doing that part as we have been wearing our rings since we got engaged. She said she would just skip that part then. But, we didn’t have that in the copy I sent her. Did she think we just forgot the most traditional part of the ceremony?

She let us know right before the wedding that she added a short reading and changed our intro. At that point it was too late to do anything as we were standing ready to get started. She begins the ceremony and I literally hate what she added. The biggest thing that stuck out was that she used the word ‘fool’ in the reading. This is completely inappropriate for a wedding ceremony.

I had in my version that she would ask who gives me away so my dad would be able to answer. She completely took that part out.

She went from her reading to a reading we wanted and changed the intro into that reading. This wouldn’t have been any problem but with all the other problems, it irks me as well.

So we get to the vows. The vows were luckily not changed but she changed our ‘I do’s’ to ‘I will’. This was huge to me. I can’t believe she changed that without discussing it with me. It was very important to me to say ‘I do’. Not to mention that saying ‘I will’ means you will promise in the future where ‘I do: means that you promise now.

So I was already quote irritated at this point and it gets even worse from there. At the end of the ceremony, she said ‘Kari, you may kiss your husband’. Now we all know that it should be ‘Nicholas, you may kiss your bride’. Had I even an inkling that this would be changed I would have demanded to read the ceremony and have everyone wait. I was fuming as I went to kiss my husband. The officiant took away the security, comfort, and protection you feel from that first kiss and instead left me feeling alone, having to do everything on my own.

You’d think everything would be good once the ceremony was over but she told Nick to sign on the wrong line of the marriage license, claiming it was because she wasn’t wearing her glasses.  Seriously? You take all five of the main things I wanted away from me and you tell him to sign on the wrong line?

Do on my wedding night, I wasn’t able to sleep, up all night upset. Finally at 3 in the morning I decided to email her and explain my frustration. She said she wanted to make it right by refunding me and coming back out to redo the ceremony for the camera. Well, it’s not easy to completely get ready for a wedding. Plus, family would not be able to all get back in town. And a wedding is a one shot thing. You can’t just redo it.

I have no idea how long it will take me to get over this but she completely ruined my wedding day for me. And so far, the rest of the weekend too.


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