March 2017 Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: DIY Cinder Block Garden for Small Yards– 308 Views

This Month’s Runner Up: February 2017 Blog Income Report  – 281 Views

This month was absolutely crazy for me.  We had over 20 showings on the house and almost all of my free time outside of work was spent doing something for the house.  I did manage to get my April posts ready despite having a rough schedule.

Somehow, even though I wasn’t able to work much on the blog in March, I ended up with the most page-views I’ve had recently.  I’ve only ever had one higher month which was just a fluke where two of my posts stumbled over 1000 views in a day.  I also had quite a high month for income compared to normal.  I’ll take it!


Ads – $235.69
Sponsored Posts – $0.14
Total: $235.83

Tailwind – $10..00
Domain – $1.26
Hosting – $6.99
Total: $18.25

NET INCOME: $217.58


Last month, my goal was to get all of the posts for April ready and get pins scheduled on Tailwind.  I’m almost there.  My posts are ready but I’m a bit behind on Tailwind.  Hopefully by the time this post goes live I will have it all scheduled.

I didn’t do anything to increase followers this month which is much different than usual.  Usually, I participate in a few threads to gain followers each month, but I just didn’t have time.  I”d like to be able to do this again next month since it appears that April will be a bit of a break: hopefully.

My goals for April, my birthday month, is to get all of the posts ready for May and June and participate in a few follow threads.  I want to get two months ahead because we will be moving in May or very early June and I know that packing will take up most of my free time.  If I can get the posts going then I can focus on packing and just maintaining the blog.  I am so ready for July where I can be back to normal.



This Month’s Top Post: House Update #2 – 268 Views

This Month’s Runner Up: Paycheck Series: Choosing Your Budgeting Direction – 266 Views

It’s interesting to watch the sinuous waves of blogging stats.  Last month I had huge growth in followers but not much income.  This month, my income was almost triple last month but my follower growth was less than a third.  Progress is progress though.  I know that I can’t focus on too many pieces of the puzzle at once or things will fall apart.  Here’s how the stats looked for December.


Ads – $131.69
Affiliate – $8.50
Sponsored Posts – $61.60
Total: $201.79

Tailwind – $10..00
Domain – $1.26
Total: $11.26

NET INCOME: $190.53


Last month I mentioned that my goal for December was to maintain.  I have done just that.  I focused more on the content, scheduling, and routine rather than trying to grow.  I’d say this definitely paid off.  I noticed that the more solid I have everything, the more people want to view the site.  I had my largest amount of page views in a month (not including one month where two posts stumbled like crazy).  I’m hoping I can continue this trend.

My plan for this month is to get ahead.  I have a lot going on this year.  This year marks my 10 year high school reunion.  Less than a month after that is closing on the new house and the wedding.  All of that on top of my every day life is a lot plus I have to get my house in tip-top shape to sell it.  I’m hoping the timing works out well so we don’t have to move twice but we will see.

I’ve already started preparing the blog.  I have an outline of posts I’d like to write through March and with any luck, I’ll have all of February and March’s posts done by the end of January.  Of course, I’ll have house updates to add in throughout the month but hopefully this will help me stay afloat.

Happy New Year!

April 2016 Blog Income Report

April 2016 Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: My Favorite Face Products – 317 Views – 2 Comments

This Month’s Runner Up: The Ultimate BLT – 279 Views – 21 Comments

April was great month for rest!  I had my birthday, went on a trip, and took a pretty big break from blogging.  I typically post in Facebook share groups on Saturday when I add new posts, and also on a few threads each day during the week.  This month, I only posted on Saturdays with a few extra days, but not many.  I was very impressed to see that my stats were about the same place they usually are but I did a lot less work.  That shows improvement right?

I also started receiving direct views, search views, and Pinterest views this month.  Until now, I rarely had a view from any source other than Facebook.  I can only imagine if I create killer posts, share them on media daily, and post more often, how much the blog would grow.

This month, I did not do any freelance work and because I wasn’t participating in Facebook groups regularly, my Adsense total was lower than usual.  This is quite all right though because the blog is more about having a fun hobby than making money.  I won’t complain about any money though 😉

April 2016 Income Statement:

Google Adsense – $44.84
Sponsored Posts – $5.00
Freelancing – $0.00
Personal Sales – $5.18
Total: $55.02

Total: $0.00

NET INCOME: $55.02

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April 2016 Monthly Updates

This month, I increased my total social following by 8% which I find extremely great because I didn’t participate in the follow threads that I usually do.

I also decided this month to take Guest Blog posts off of my goals for this year.  There were a few reasons for this.  If I create a post, I want to be able to use it on my blog.  Also, I may not agree with every post written on another blog and I want to make sure to be involved in only what I agree with.

My focus for this month was to focus on editing my blog pages and old posts.  I searched high and low and with a lot of coding, figured out how to do everything I wanted to do.  I now have a new home page and have updated pages that auto-populate when I have a new post.  I still have to go through some of the old posts and edit, but I did get about halfway through my archives.

Focus for Next Month
Next month, I plan to finalize the archived blog posts and learn more about scheduling pins for Pinterest.