March 2017 Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: DIY Cinder Block Garden for Small Yards– 308 Views

This Month’s Runner Up: February 2017 Blog Income Report  – 281 Views

This month was absolutely crazy for me.  We had over 20 showings on the house and almost all of my free time outside of work was spent doing something for the house.  I did manage to get my April posts ready despite having a rough schedule.

Somehow, even though I wasn’t able to work much on the blog in March, I ended up with the most page-views I’ve had recently.  I’ve only ever had one higher month which was just a fluke where two of my posts stumbled over 1000 views in a day.  I also had quite a high month for income compared to normal.  I’ll take it!


Ads – $235.69
Sponsored Posts – $0.14
Total: $235.83

Tailwind – $10..00
Domain – $1.26
Hosting – $6.99
Total: $18.25

NET INCOME: $217.58


Last month, my goal was to get all of the posts for April ready and get pins scheduled on Tailwind.  I’m almost there.  My posts are ready but I’m a bit behind on Tailwind.  Hopefully by the time this post goes live I will have it all scheduled.

I didn’t do anything to increase followers this month which is much different than usual.  Usually, I participate in a few threads to gain followers each month, but I just didn’t have time.  I”d like to be able to do this again next month since it appears that April will be a bit of a break: hopefully.

My goals for April, my birthday month, is to get all of the posts ready for May and June and participate in a few follow threads.  I want to get two months ahead because we will be moving in May or very early June and I know that packing will take up most of my free time.  If I can get the posts going then I can focus on packing and just maintaining the blog.  I am so ready for July where I can be back to normal.


February 2016 Blog Income Report

February Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: 10 Must Haves in My Next Home – 552 Views – 18 Comments

This Month’s Runner Up: January 2016 Blog Income Report – 391 Views – 19 Comments

This month went very well.  Overall, I improved on everything blog related in the last month which is quite exciting considering I took a vacation from my blog for the last week of the month.  I can’t believe I’ve increased all of my stats with only working 75% of the month!

This month, my main focus was working on Pinterest to try to gain more views and followers.  I was able to join Pinterest for business, clean up my Pinterest boards, and am now consistently making Pinterest worthy images for each post.

This month I also made real money which is also quite exciting! You can find my past income statements here.

February 2016 Income Statement:

Google Adsense – $153.53
Sponsored Posts – $2.00
Freelancing – $100.00
Total: $255.53

Blogging Supplies: $6.00
Total: $6.00

NET INCOME: $249.53

February Stats

This month, I increased my social following by 24%!  This exponential growth is very exciting yet a bit overwhelming.  But, overall, it’s fantastic!

Focus for Next Month
Next month, I am going to focus on my blog posts.  I like to write a month’s worth of posts during the previous month.  For example, I currently have all of this month’s posts written and scheduled, this being the last post I wrote.  Staying ahead helps me to focus on growing my blog rather than struggling to maintain it.  That being said, I am hoping to create a few great posts this month to use in future months.

January 2016 Blog Income Report

January Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: Home Made Decorative Wreaths – 260 Views – 9 Comments

Runner Up: How I Use SmartThings for Home Automation – 144 Views – 7 Comments

This month went quite differently than planned.  I stated in my last monthly update that I was looking forward to slowly growing my blog over 2016 and working my way into becoming self-hosted by in 2017.  Well, as I was working my month, I realized that little by little, every new thing I would try required me to become self-hosted.

So, I took to the internet to learn about self-hosting and research Blue-host which seems to be pretty popular.  I quickly realized this would be a pain since my domain was at 1&1 and I didn’t want to deal with transferring.  I then realized that I should check with 1&1 because that would be the only way I would be able to keep my domain where it was.

Luckily, 1&1 was extremely cheap compared to Blue-host and I was able to become self-hosted for $1 per month!  (all of which I’ve made back already).

January 2016 Income Statement:

Google Adsense – $44.89
Total: $44.89

1&1 hosting – $11.88
Etsy Posts – $1.20
Total: $13.08

NET INCOME: $31.81

*View past blog income reports here.

January Updates

I’ve been slowly but surely cooking away at my 2016 Blogging Goals.  I am currently on track to reach my goal of 60 posts for the year and I received at least 3 comments on every post.  I’ve begun working on a followers strategy and have added my book for free download for all subscribers.

Outstandingly, I surpassed all of my social following goals for the year within the first two weeks of the year!  This month, I increased my social following by 56%!  I’ve learned that if I have a goal I will keep pushing until I reach it.  I should have known this, I’m always this way.  I do everything as soon as I possibly can.

Focus For Next Month – Branding and Images
This month, I realized that it’s best to pick a topic to focus on to grow.  I focused on my followers and had amazing growth!  Next month, I plan to focus on Pinterest and making each new post have Pinterest worthy art.  Hopefully I’ll have time to update some pages and old art while I’m at it and clean up my blog categories.

In the spirit of images, I’m hoping to create a logo and banner that I can use across all of my social platforms.