Master Bathroom Upgrade – On a Budget!

Master Bathroom Update On a Budget

When I bought my house, one of the major downfalls was that the Master bathroom was extremely small!  I quickly looked the other way though as I was delighted to have a walk in closet in two bedrooms and that the laundry is upstairs between all of the bedrooms.
After living with the small bathroom, I knew I had to make a change.  I didn’t have any storage except for a small square on the bottom of the cabinet for cleaning supplies (the first picture is from the previous owner’s listing of the house. I didn’t have a shelf for above the toilet), the sink was extremely high for my 5’2″ stance, and you couldn’t have the cabinet and the door opened at the same time.
So, I took to the books to figure out how I could make my bathroom more functional and on a budget!  The standard cost of remodeling a small bathroom is 5% of a house’s value or approximately $10,000 for my house.  Since I didn’t replace the toilet or shower/tub, one would expect to spend quite a bit less.  Let’s say staying under $3500 would be considered a win.  How much do you think this remodel costs?  Leave a comment before reading further!
Master Bathroom

I completed my bathroom project a few steps at a time and ended up finishing under $500.

Here’s how I did it!
  • To purchase most of the materials for Step 1, I opened a Home Depot credit card to get the discount. They offered 5% off originally but I knew better as I had seen other’s get more off for opening a card.  I ended up getting 25% off.
  • I got out my pink tools and DIY’d my way around having to pay a contractor (Tutorial to come with bathroom #2’s remodel).
  • Paint:  Now here’s the cool part.  I had a ton of leftover paint from other projects, so I mixed some green, blue, white, and gray together and came up with Kari’s Crystal Castle!  My home-made recycled color!  I actually fell in love with this color and had Home Depot match it for me and make a few gallons for other areas of my house.
  • I waited to redo the floors until I was redoing all of the floors in my house.  I’m estimating that the bathroom used 1 box of wood an the underlay an protector. All when in comparison to the rest of the house, should be around $75.  The floor is the only part I hired out.  There is no way I was about to cut around all of those edges!