$1 Lunch! Red Wine Chicken with Spinach and Buttered Noodles


I’m not one for recipes and measurements because I often find that I’m missing an ingredient or unable to use an ingredient.  For five years, I cooked 100% dairy free.  I used to substitute but I quickly ran out of items to substitute, Since then, I’ve decided to go it on my own, no recipes, no rules; at least most of the time.

This is one of my favorite quick, easy, and cheap meals to make to bring to work for lunch.  It’s just enough to keep me going though the work day and satisfy my need for delicious food.

Chicken (breasts or tenderloins – I used tenderloins)
Red Cooking Wine
Spices (you’re preference)

Quick Steps
1. I’m confident that you know how to cook noodles.  I added a bit of oil and salt to my water for flavor and to help the noodles from sticking.
2. Add chicken to an oven safe pan (I use a dollar store pan – Feel free to cut the chicken if you wish)
3. Cover chicken half way with red cooking wine.
4. Sprinkle desired spices over chicken.  (I used the standard; salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder)
5. Bake in the oven until cooked (I don’t use timers…I think I set the oven to 400 degrees? – typically 350 degrees for deserts and 400-450 for meats…at least that’s what I use)
6. Put a small amount of oil in a round pan that has a lid.  Add spinach and any spices (I used the same from the chicken) to the pan.  Toss the spinach then cover until wilted.  Add more spinach if necessary.

Pulling it all Together
From here, all I did was fill my tupperware with some noodles, chicken, spinach, and some butter. (so they will be buttered noodles when I warm them up at work)
I am still so excited about how easy and delicious these lunches were!  All of my ingredients were purchased as they went on sale and with the use of coupons so they entire set of lunches was made for $8 which is only $1 per lunch!  What a win!
**Wondering where to get tupperware for free? Go to the packaged lunch meat section of your store.  Many kinds of lunch meat come in tupperware that you can wash and reuse and if you’re lucky you’ll hit a sale with a coupon!