Delicous and Easy Crab Bisque


As part of my September savings, I gathered up some ingredients I had stocked in my pantry and set out to make something I never had before.  Soup.

So here it goes.  OK…something else I really don’t do is line all of my ingredients up for a picture but since photos are the rage on these blog posts I thought I’d try it and of course, I screwed it up!  See that vinegar in the photo?  It said ‘red wine’ on it so I grabbed it.  Surely though, I needed the cooking wine, not the red wine vinegar.  The photo of the cooking wine I used is beside.  Sigh.  haha

1 – Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup
1 – Cream of Asparagus Condensed Soup
1 – Can of shredded crab meat
2.5c – Milk
1/2 – Stick of Butter
1/2 – Red Onion
3 T – Cooking Wine
Quick Steps: 
1. Melt the butter and saute the onions.
2. Add some cooking sherry (about a tablespoon or so)
3. Add both cans of soup and stir until heated
4. Add the milk slowly (I did 1/3 at a time and let the mixture return to boil each time)
5. Add the crab meat and bring the mixture to a simmer.
6. Perform taste test. 🙂  I added more cooking wine at this point and then let the mixture simmer for a few minutes so the flavors would combine nicely.
7. Serve as desired.  I added some parsley for the opening picture.


Quick and Easy Oven Chicken Meal

Oven Chicken
As always, I’m not one to measure or be exact.  I just throw a bunch of ingredients together and hope for the best.  This one has turned out to be one of my favorite meals.  It was extremely simple and turned out delicious!  Added bonus:  Minimal clean up!
Chicken Breasts
Quick Steps:
1. Add your preference of oil to the bottom of your cookie sheet.
2. Dice the Onion,  Potatoes, and Tomatoes and add to the cookie sheet
3. Half the chicken breasts and place on the cookie sheet.
4. Lightly coat the ingredients with oil and add spices.
5.  Bake until chicken and potatoes are cooked through.


Easy Chicken Curry

Easy Chicken Curry

This is one of my favorite easy five ingredient meals!

Coconut Milk – Canned
Five Spice Powder
Curry Powder

*Base your quantities of chicken, rice, and coconut milk on how many people you have for the meal. If you have over three large chicken breasts, I’d suggest using two cans of coconut milk, otherwise, using one would be plenty.

Quick Steps

1. Slice the chicken into your desired shape and size.  I prefer skinny strips for this meal,

2. Cook the chicken in a skillet without any spices.

3. Prepare the rice.

4. Heat the coconut milk in a shallow pot/pan until boiling.

5. Add the spices to taste.  The original recipe I used years ago called for 2 tablespoons of each which I found was not enough.  Remember, you can always add spice but you can never take it out.

6. Let the sauce mixture simmer until it cooks down a bit then add the chicken.  You can add the sauce to the chicken but I find it’s easier to add the chicken to the sauce that way the I don’t spill.

Bringing it all Together

7. Add rice to a plate or bowl and top with the chicken and sauce mixture.  Enjoy!

Do you have any suggestions for this meal?  I leave out ginger because it’s not something I typically have in my house.