Home Made Decorative Wreaths

Every once in a while I get the creative bug and want to do some arts and crafts.  This time, I was going to make some wreaths.  One for Christmas, and one for every day to match my house colors.  So, I took myself to the Hobby store then to Walmart since they of course are a million times cheaper for most items.  I gathered enough to do two types of wreaths but quickly learned that I do not have the same patience as I did when I was younger.

Here’s the style of wreath  on making for the teal wreath.  This is a wreath I made back in I believe middle school.  I also believe it’s the best one I’ve made yet.  Something about the young creative mind.


Once I decided not to use the above method for the teal wreath, I had to find another way.  So, I grabbed the wired wreath and had to think a bit.  I ended up cutting the teal fabric into about 8″ x 1″ strips then tying them in double knots around the wire alternating sides.  I ended up with ends of these strips sticking out everywhere so I decided to pin them to the back of the wreath.

Here’s how the wreath turned out.  I added the ribbon and flower as an extra touch.  I’m quite happy with how the wreath turned out but of course ended up returning the extra supplies since I didn’t make as many wreathes as I had planned on making.


 Home Made Decorative Wreaths


Let’s Make it a Home!

April 21-30, 2013 – Days 17-26

Luckily, I had just furnished my apartment prior to buying my house and everything worked just as well in the new house!

Had I known I would one day create a blog about moving in, I would have taken some photos during the day and natural light.

 I found this wavy shelf at American Furniture Warehouse for $60.  It fit perfectly with my living room theme.

And of course, I am not one for symmetry and perfection so my pictures are hung at different levels.

Freshen Up

Just for laughs, here’s my first picture in my new home!  At 23 years old I was as excited as can be given that my 1500 sq ft 3 bed, 2.5 bath house was going to cost me approximately the same amount as my 600 sq ft. 1 bed, 1 bath apartment.
And so it begins:
April 4, 2013 – Day 1 – continued
Move in meant time to paint!  The goal for the first week was to paint the entire downstairs including the ceiling (except the bathroom) and to paint my bedroom.
At move in, the entire house was painted in beige paint, a color that would work for me.  The only problem is that the house was painted completely in flat paint, except for a few random touch ups of semi-gloss that looked quite out of place.  Being a lover of sun and shimmer and of course easy cleaning, I went out and bought some semi-gloss paint.
Before picture:  Used in the listing
I’d already done my share of painting before purchasing my home so I knew my brand preference for paint. I chose America’s Finest Semi Gloss paint, which has since been re-branded to Glidden Ultra-Hide 770.  I like this paint because it covers well, and is pretty cheap at approximately $18/gallon.
With a table being the only piece of furniture in the house, I painted the entire downstairs – with help because it’s always faster with more than two hands. I even added a blue accent wall.
A helpful hint when painting is always paint the trim first.  Just tape off the floor, and begin painting.  Don’t worry about getting any of the paint from the trim on the walls because you will be painting them.
Once the trim dries, cover it with painter’s tape to protect it from the new wall color.
Now that the painting downstairs was complete, I just needed to wait for the new carpeting to come in before I could start moving everything.