Meow Meow Meow Meow – Meow Mix

Welcome back to the blog!  Today’s post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored.  I thought I’d just tell you about our favorite cat food!

They say Meow Mix is “So good, cat’s ask for it by name.”  Usually that’s a gimmick, but not with my cats.  When I first got my cats as kittens, I tried multiple types of food and landed on Meow Mix.  Meow Mix was one of the few brands that had kitten specific food.

I tried a few different kinds of food after the kittens were into adult food but they kept wanting the Meow Mix.  I tried all the fancy flavors of Meow Mix and of course, their favorite is original.

Now what does it mean when they say cat’s ask for it by name?  Ask Benji…

It’s just the funniest thing.  I can’t believe how particular my cats are.  Lola’s favorite thing is when I pour the cat food from the bag into the storage container.  She always loves to get her first bite straight from the container.  And her food is quite comfy for her to lay on and protect!

Do your cats do anything funny with their food?


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