Say Goodbye to Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Forward Budgeting and the Cash System


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Forward budgeting, also known as the ‘forward roll’ is also a three-step process.  Each month, you project your expenses and savings.  At the end of the month, any funds that weren’t used will be transferred into your savings account.  This process repeats each month.


The envelope system can be used in a similar method to reverse budgeting.  The only difference is that you don’t put a set amount of money into the Savings envelope at the beginning of the month.

Instead, allocate the money into the spending envelopes.  At the end of the month, move any money that is left in the envelopes to the Savings envelope.



Using a printable is a fun way of tracking your finances.  There are many budgeting printables online that would be a great solution for your spending tracking and savings rollover.

Computer Spreadsheet

A computer spreadsheet is very helpful when using the forward roll method.  The main point of the forward roll is to maximize saving potential.  A computer spreadsheet can help you to project your savings over time.  This is very useful when saving up for a large purchase like a house or a car.  You can find multiple examples of tracking the forward roll method with a spreadsheet here.


Apps and programs are a great way of tracking spending but can become very complicated when tracking cash.  I recommend using either a paper tool or a spreadsheet to track cash finances.

Cash For Christmas: 2016 Giveaway!


As I grow into my blog, I’m getting to participate in more and more things!  Today I’m participating in a Giveaway!  There will be multiple winners for cash prizes.

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To get that Holiday spirit started, I’ve decided to reminisce a bit.

Merry Memories – Christmas Caroling

In high school and college I was very into choir and my Christmas Caroling group.  One of my fondest memories in choir was performing with my show choir on the stage in Magic Kingdom Disney World.  As great as all of my choir memories are, my favorite memory from my school days is caroling.

When I was in elementary school, one of my friend’s brothers needed to earn a badge by doing something good for others.  His mom suggested caroling and they invited me to go along.  We went to a nursing home down the street to carol.  This was my first experience with this kind of a performance and it was amazing!

Everyone knew all of the words and was able to sing along.  The pure joy and happiness I saw on all of the resident’s faces was amazing!

I specifically remember one lady in the Alzheimer’s unit who had a baby doll.  She had such a blast singing along to her doll.  You could tell that she was having one of the best days she had had in a long time.  This is when I decided I wanted to carol every year.

We continued to carol every year until about mid high school when friendships began to change.


I decided that I could not let the magic of caroling be lost because of a lost friendship.  I gathered up a large group of friends, planned the event with the nursing home and even had a couple rehearsals prior to the day of caroling.

The caroling group changed a lot over the schooling years.  My fondest memories of caroling are from my college days.  Everyone in my caroling group was a music major except myself.  This left me a bit out of the loop but, my business major came in handy with coordinating the events.

We performed multiple times at the Zoo, multiple Botanical Gardens, and of course quite a few nursing homes.  One of the nursing homes even paid us!  Of course, in the spirit of Christmas, we donated the money to Charity.

I have a few videos from a set part of our caroling.  This was in the dining hall of one of the nursing homes.  After the set performance, we were able to walk around and sing with all of the residents.

The Holly and the Ivy/Up on the Housetop mashup was one of my favorite songs!  We start out traditional, then speed up the beat, and then transition songs in harmony. (don’t mind the camera quality from a decade ago)

Here’s another one of my favorites.  Much more traditional than the Holly and the Ivy.

As I’ve grown, I haven’t been able to coordinate a group of singers every year but I’ve done decently.  After moving across town and into a new neighborhood, I was able to find some neighbors on Facebook to carol with.  This brought back all of my fond memories but just wasn’t the same.  Everyone had a million different things on their minds that took away from the overall experience.

I am determined though to get back into caroling.  It is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to share the experience with people who come into my life.

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Say Goodbye to Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Choosing Your Budgeting System


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Once you’ve determined which budgeting direction you will use, you need to start to layout the specifics of your budget plan.

One of the fundamental parts of creating your budgeting plan is to choose between a cash budgeting system and a digital budgeting system.

These are not to be confused with budgeting tools such as envelopes, check registers, and other types of tools.  All of the tools for budgeting can be customized to fit the system you decide to use.

A cash budgeting system is exactly that.  It’s cash.  No credit cards, just cash.  Of course, when you get to the point of saving, it could be a good idea to open a savings account rather than keeping a large supply of money around, but we’ll get to that later.

A digital budgeting system utilizes credit cards, checking accounts, online interfaces, apps, and many other technological opportunities.  All of your budgeting and tracking is kept in digital form and you are responsible for sticking to your budget without having tangible money to stop you from over-spending.

There are many benefits to both a cash system and a digital system.

Cash Budgeting

Cash budgeting is great for you if you like being able physically hold your money that way you know exactly how much you have at all times without having to log into an app or account.  Cash budgeting is also a great option for you if you dislike or have trouble with technology.  The system you use for budgeting should easily fit into your lifestyle.  If you don’t like being on the computer or phone, a cash budgeting system may be best for you.

Digital Budgeting

Digital budgeting is also a great budgeting system.  This system is good for you if you enjoy technology and find it easier to look in your app to see what your balance is.  While the digital world makes so many things easy for us, you need to pay special attention to your spending.  Unlike the cash system, where you literally can’t spend anything more than you have, the digital system shows no boundaries when you pull out the credit or debit card and run a transaction.  On the other hand, with digital budgeting there are a ton of options for charting your spending so you can analyze where all of the money is going.

Whichever budgeting direction you choose, make sure it fits in with your lifestyle and your budgeting needs.