We’re Building a House!


I have very exciting news!  Nick and I are building a house! We’ve been looking at model homes for about a year now.  Our intentions weren’t necessarily to purchase a home but one came up that is just perfect for us!

The new house is double the size of our current house and was a lot cheaper than we were expecting.  The housing market is crazy high where we live right now.  We got lucky because I bought my current house when the market was low so my house almost doubled in value!

Our lot line goes from the yellow fire hydrant to somewhere on the other side of the neighbor’s foundation.  Not quite sure yet.


A few months ago, I created a post of the 10 Must Haves in My Next Home.  When we move into this house, it will have 9/10 of the must haves.  The only one missing is the movie room in the basement.  We plan to finish the basement on our own when we are ready.  Then, this house will be a 10/10!

The building process will take ten months and I know I will talk a lot about each part of the house.  For now, I will mention my favorite part about each level.

Next to the pantry in the kitchen is a little nook that I am going to use for my blogfice.  I typically just blog on the couch so I don’t need much room.  Did I mention it’s close to all the snacks?


My favorite part about the upstairs is that we have a walk-through shower!  Yes!  I had never seen a walk through shower before seeing one of this builder’s homes.  This is perfect for us.  The shower is out of the way and we don’t have a lot of dead space in front of the sinks.


Nick and I are so excited for this whole process and I’m excited to document along the way.  We will be taking drone footage and trying our hand at editing and may even attempt to vlog the building process.  We shall see.  I don’t talk very naturally to the camera.

Stay tuned!  So much excitement to come!

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