July 2016 Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: DIY Upcycled Garage Shelving – 300 Views

This Month’s Runner Up: 1 Year Blogiversary – 288 Views

July was definitely a surprising month. My page views went up and my unique users went down.  The views on my top posts were lower than previous months as well.  I’ve been thinking a lot about why this could be and I’ve thought of some possible explanations.

In July, I used the Click Through and StumbleUpon posts in the Grow Your Blog Facebook group every day.  This could explain the higher amount of views and lower amount of visitors because of the repeat visitors.

In most other months, I do have a few posts get quite a few views from StumbleUpon.  This month was very surprising in that none of my posts gained much attraction from StumbleUpon. I was hoping that because I switched from blogging once per week on Saturdays to twice per week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, that I would have more opportunities to appease the SU crowd.  But, with quantity doesn’t always come the highly desired post.  I’ve also thought that perhaps because I had more posts, my views per post went down because I didn’t promote each individual post as much as I normally would.

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to hit 5000 page views in one month at some point during the year.  Out of luck, I hit that goal in March when two of my four posts got thousands of views each from StumbleUpon.  Last month, I set a new goal which is to reach 5000 views per month consistently.  I’m not quite there but for the last three months, I’ve been right at 3000 page views per month and this month I reached 4000.  I’m getting closer!

With the extra page views came a bit of extra income as well. Here’s the breakdown:

July 2016 P&L 

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July 2016 Monthly Updates

This month was quite amazing for new opportunities.  I reached 2500 social followers and was able to join Linqia which sounds quite promising.  I also continued editing my old posts for Throwback Thursdays.

Last month, I did a lot of research on Pinterest.  Many other bloggers note that Pinterest is their top referrer for visits and page views which seemed so odd to me because I would get literally zero visits from Pinterest.  So, after much reading, I realized just what I needed to do.  I joined quite a few group boards and began pinning consistently.  Halfway through the month I was starting to see one or two visits here and there. I continued researching and decided to try Tailwind.

Now I’m scheduling about 30 pins per day with around 5-10 being my own pins and the rest being other pins that I like.  Because of all of the group boards, I’ve been able to schedule a pin for each new blog post daily for about two to three weeks depending on the topic of the most.  Now, I’m starting to see 10-20 and sometimes even 30 views in a day from Pinterest after only about two weeks of using the Tailwind scheduler consistently.

Focus for Next Month
Next month, I plan to focus on keeping up with the new routine of two posts per week.  This doesn’t seem like a lot but I was starting to feel like I had more work that I had to do at home on the blog than I did at work.  So, it’s time to refocus a bit and figure out a new pace for the increased post-load.


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June 2016 Blog Income Report

June Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: Summer Breakfast Favs – 554 Views

This Month’s Runner Up: How I use Smart Things for Home Automation – 409 New Views – 500 Total Views – Post Date: January 23, 2016

This month I finally felt like I was really in the grove of blogging.  Before, I was constantly posting on Facebook groups trying to promote my content and little by little I’ve been backing off of the Facebook threads.  I used to try to do a Stumbleupon and a Click Through thread daily with other threads here and there but this month I only did the threads on Sundays and then on the last few days of the month.

Even with cutting down significantly on sharing, I was able to maintain around my goal of 100 views per day or 3000 views per month.  I’ve decided since now I’ve been reaching my goal pretty consistently, it’s time to set a new goal of 5000 views per month.

I’ve been strategizing about how to increase my page views and one way is by increasing the amount of posts.  When I first started this blog a year ago, I was posting three times per week.  Needless to say, I very quickly burnt myself out and took a couple month break.  Since January, I’ve consistently blogged once per week (Saturday) with an occasional extra post here and there.

For July, I am going to publish new posts on Tuesday and Saturday and see how it goes.

Even though I’ve continually decreased the amount of marketing of my blog, my income hasn’t decreased.  At this point, I’m mainly only using ads to generate income but if a sponsored post comes up that fits with what I like to write about, I’ll take it.

June 2016 Income Statement:

Ads – $100.76
Sponsored Posts – $0.00
Freelancing – $0.00
Affiliate Marketing – $0.00
Personal Sales – $0.00
Total: $100.76

Total: $0.00

NET INCOME: $100.76

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June Stats

This month I also continued editing my old blog posts.  It was a goal for the last few months to finish editing all of the posts so the images won’t be blurry (somehow my images blurred when I transferred from .com to .org).  I did get about eight more posts done this month but now I’m planning to finish the rest in batches.

As I’ve been nearing my blogiversary, I’ve been thinking of new ways to bring up old content.  So, I’ve started posting old content to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest on Thursdays.  This goes hand in hand with creating Pinterest worthy images for my old posts and revitalizing the posts.  This sharing schedule is also helping me to have a deadline for completing the old post updates.

I also did a lot of research on Pinterest this month.  I redesigned my Pinterest Board images and I joined a handful of group boards.  I’ve started using the free trial of Tailwind to schedule pins and am excited to see the results.

Most excitedly, I created a goal to reach 500 followers on Facebook this month and not only did I reach 500 followers, but I exceeded 600 followers!

Focus for Next Month
Next month, I plan to brainstorm post ideas and see if I will be able to continue with two posts per week.  I also am going to jump into Pinterest and see what scheduling pins is all about!

Earlier this month, I felt stuck and like the blog wasn’t really going anywhere because my page views haven’t been increasing as my followers grow.  Luckily, I remembered an old saying.  “When you feel like you are about to give up, don’t.  Success is right around the corner.”  This thought re-energized me to continue.  I hope the new strategy pays off!


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