9 Nostalgic 90’s Items

I keep seeing nostalgia posts everywhere and they make me so happy.  I love remembering all of the fun things from my child hood. Here are some of my favorites.

mini beanie babies

These were the coolest things growing up.   I played with them all the time but not how you’d expect.   The beanie babies had to be the small ones because I’d throw them up onto the blades of the fan then turn the fan on and watch them fly off.  Over and over again.  It was one of the best games.

catch a bubble

Catch a Bubble and the weird smelling little plastic bubbles in the squeezy tube were the coolest things.  We’d blow them in the basement and watch with amazement while the plastic like bubbles didn’t pop.



Pogs were one of those things that you just had to have but made no sense.  I remember having a pink case and a clear slammer with a flower.  I never remember doing much with them though.  Something about using the slammer to flip the pogs to win them.


sky dancers

Sky dancers have recently made a come back after.  I had a few sky dancers, but my favorite was one like the one in the photo.  The foyer in the house I grew up in was open to the loft.  We would stand at the bottom and fly them up to the loft.  One of the friends would be at the top to catch them.  It was so much fun!



Baby All gone

I’m not sure on the actual name of this doll but I remember it very well.  The jar had a cherry sent and the spoon had a lever that made the cherries appear and disappear when the baby ate.  Another one of my favorite dolls was one where the food went from the dolls mouth to the backpack.  It was quickly recalled though after a girl’s hair got stuck in it.


There were quite a few toys like this one.  I had a white and blue tomagotchi and I had a yelllow giga pet.  I remember the day my Tomagotchi ‘ran away’.  I was devastated before the school day even began.


Sega Genesis

Sega in my opinion is the best gaming system.  It’s simple yet fun and doesn’t make me dizzy.  This is the only toy from the 90’s that I still have (and use).  Gotta love controllers with only 5 buttons on them.


The last two items aren’t toys but they are things I remember vividly from the 90’s.

squeeze pop

Every time we would go to the gas station, I would get a squeeze pop and I got to put the stamp on the rewards card.  I loved the blue squeeze pop but all of a sudden I couldn’t find them anywhere.  For years squeeze pops were still around in my area but the only flavor available was the sour apple which I didn’t like.  Hopefully this candy comes back.

Reward Stamps

I have not seen stamps like these since the 90’s.  For some reason I have so many memories centered around these stamps from Subway and Diamond Shamrock.  Now, companies use stickers, hole punches, or completely digital ways of tracking rewards.

What are your favorite nostalgic items from the 90’s or 80’s or any other time period?


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How We Met – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Now it’s time for a love story. 🙂

Nick and I met in 2008.  I don’t remember the exact day or even the season when we met because at that time I didn’t know he was the one.  Actually, I didn’t know he was the one until years later.

This is the only photo we have from around the time that we met up until we started dating.  Picture quality on phone’s has really improved over the past almost decade!

In 2008 I was in my first and second years of college and was still hanging out with a lot of my high school friends.  I had a few different groups of friends that overlapped a little in high school.  After graduating, I re-connected with one of the people who was also in a few of the different groups of people I hung out with.

When we reconnected, he had a new group of friends.  I started hanging out with all of his new friends when I went to hang out with him.  This worked well since they all shared an apartment which they called ‘the fortress’.

One of the roommates was Nick.  He was a nice guy but at the time I was very focused on school and was so far away from considering dating.  Not long after, everyone moved from the fortress and my high school friend and Nick no longer lived together.  Nick and I had become friends while he lived at the fortress and we hung out on our own from time to time.  Usually because I broke a computer and needed it fixed.  😉

Over the next five years, we hung out off and on when our schedules aligned.  Nick is the only one I keep in touch with from the group because everyone moved out of state.  Nick also moved out of state when my high school friend moved and they lived together all the way across the country.

I remember right before he moved.  I finally had finished school and had just bought my house.  I had a good job and for once considered myself to be stable.  Even though we only saw each other every once in a while, I felt quite bummed when he moved out of state because I was just learning that I had feelings for him.

I decided to go with the old saying and let him go do his own thing and didn’t tell him about my feelings.  If we were meant to be, when the time was right, we would be together.

A while after he moved we started video chatting almost daily.  We would also play a game similar to Risk on Google Plus Hangouts.  Nick never let me win.  During these chats, I knew my feelings were growing stronger for him.  I watched as he dated different girls just waiting for the right time for us to be together.  I knew that the next move in my life would be to settle down and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t rush anything.

You know that giddy feeling you get when you talk to your crush?  I had that every night when we video chatted.  One day, I finally decided to tell him how I felt.  I wish I could say I vividly remember that day but I don’t remember a thing.

I convinced him to come and visit me around Christmas time in 2014.  I knew that it was make or break it at this point because friendships don’t usually last if the relationship idea is thrown around.  You either start dating or lose touch.  Luckily, a few weeks later, he packed up everything he could into his car and drove across the country.  He’s been with me ever since. 🙂



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2017 Garden Plan

Hello everyone!  It’s about gardening time again!  I made this plan last year for the 2017 gardening season and of course I’m moving right in the middle of it.  So, I’m going to skip the onion this year and do as much as I can before we have to move.  I think I’m going to use a lot of pots instead.  Either way, I hope you enjoy the cinder block garden plot. 🙂

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