Best Cat Litter and Litter Boxes


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I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now but something very odd has happened.  I love the Omega Paw self cleaning litter box.  This litter box is so easy to maintain and you don’t have to scoop!  I used this litter box for years with multiple kittens.  I did notice though that this litter box works best with Tidy Cats clumping litter.  The Tidy Cats Litter didn’t stick to the bottom of the box as much as other litters did.

This bathroom is such a hit that there wasn’t a line outside of the bathroom.  There was a line in the bathroom!  When I had four kittens in my home, I had two of these and one Automatic Litter box.

I used the Nature’s Miracle litter box for about six months.  I noticed once again though that the litter I used with it needed to be Tidy Cats.  Even the Nature’s Miracle brand litter didn’t work that well with the litter box.  The only thing I didn’t really like about this box is that the automatic cleaner was so loud!

Something very odd is that my newest little kitten member is unlike any of the other kittens and doesn’t like something about either the Tidy Cats litter or having a roof over his head in the bathroom.  I’m working on trying to figure out which this is and hoping he stops peeing on my carpet before we move into the new house.

I decided to buy a cheap IRIS litter box and some Cat Attract litter to see if I could solve the problem.  I believe Benji doesn’t like Tidy Cats.  He no longer pees on my carpet downstairs but I keep smelling urine upstairs.  I am now using the IRIS litter boxes on both floors.

So, ups and downs.  I now have to scoop the litter instead of using the Omega Paw.  And I’m trying to find the best odor eliminating litter that is easy to maintain.

And now for some cuteness!  My kittens favorite toys ever are Nerf Darts and Ping Pong balls.  Not even cat toys!  Of course, their next runner up is anything small with cat nip in it!

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We’re Engaged!


Hello readers!  I have some very exciting news today!  Nick and I got engaged!  Actually, we got engaged on October 1st.  Since I make my posts a month in advance, my timing is a bit off.  But, this gives me ample time to soak up every exciting moment!

Everyone always asks how the guy proposes!  So, here’s the story.

We’ve been looking at rings all year.  Literally, since like January.   We weren’t seriously looking though until a few months ago.  The big event that got us really looking to find ‘the ring’ was that we decided to build a house!

For us, each new step of our relationship is a step we want to take together.  So, I was definitely not surprised by the proposal.  Quite the opposite actually.  I was included in the planning!

Since my ring is more expensive than Nick’s, I bought him a drone.  And, of course because we’re building a house and the footage will be amazing!

Luckily, we finally found a ring that I liked since I don’t really wear jewelry to begin with.  Once we had the ring in tote we went over to our new property to capture some drone footage.

Nick walked up to me, got down on one knee and then looked at me.  I looked at him and said ..”what?”.  Fully knowing what he wanted to say.  I told him he has to actually ask for me to say yes!  haha!  His reasoning was that the drone doesn’t have a microphone so it wouldn’t be recorded!

So, take two was really cute.  He said that he can propose in any way and then lifted the ring out of the box towards me and asked me to marry him.  Of course, I said yes!  This was just perfect to me.  It was simple and cute.

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