Baby Shower Fruit Tray

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I bet you’ve seen a ton of images like this one floating around Pinterest.  It’s so cool how a trend can just take off.  I made this little fruit buggy three years ago for a pregnant friend. I had just seen the idea trend on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try.

This has got to be the cutest fruit tray I’ve ever made and the little star platter from the Dollar Tree really made it look even better!

Just for fun, I searched this type of a tray on Pinterest while writing this post and there are now hundreds of these floating around.  I’m still so astonished by how something can travel to so many people.

They talk about the six degrees of separation.  Does that mean that each person is within six degrees of someone who has seen this type of a platter online or made one?

Maybe next time I’ll go for a bouquet of fruits.


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Meow Meow Meow Meow – Meow Mix

Welcome back to the blog!  Today’s post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored.  I thought I’d just tell you about our favorite cat food!

They say Meow Mix is “So good, cat’s ask for it by name.”  Usually that’s a gimmick, but not with my cats.  When I first got my cats as kittens, I tried multiple types of food and landed on Meow Mix.  Meow Mix was one of the few brands that had kitten specific food.

I tried a few different kinds of food after the kittens were into adult food but they kept wanting the Meow Mix.  I tried all the fancy flavors of Meow Mix and of course, their favorite is original.

Now what does it mean when they say cat’s ask for it by name?  Ask Benji…

It’s just the funniest thing.  I can’t believe how particular my cats are.  Lola’s favorite thing is when I pour the cat food from the bag into the storage container.  She always loves to get her first bite straight from the container.  And her food is quite comfy for her to lay on and protect!

Do your cats do anything funny with their food?


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Best Lotion for Spring

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to the blog! This post contains affiliate links.

Now that it’s officially Spring, I wear dresses to work almost every day.  Out of my whole drawer full of lotion, there are two that stand out to me.

My favorite all time lotion is the Rice Flour and Shea from Bath and Body Works.  Last summer, I was quite bummed to find out that it had been discontinued.  Why do all of my favorite products get discontinued? Anyways, I searched for a replacement that had the most similar scent.

I stumbled upon St Eve’s Oatmeal and Shea Butter which is quite similar in scent but the way the lotion goes on is much better!  I didn’t think I could find a lotion that I liked better than the Rice Flour and Shea.

The texture of the lotion was more soft and fluffy rather than thick and liquid-like.  It also didn’t sting newly shaved pores like the other did.  I definitely love this lotion and it comes in a pump which makes it even more convenient.

Do you have a favorite lotion for Spring and Summer?  What is yours?

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