DIY Cinder Block Garden for Small Yards

Isn’t it always that you get your house just how you want it and then you move?  I literally just redid my backyard last summer.  This was supposed to be my first full gardening season with the garden.  Of course though, we will be moving in the middle of the season.

I started making my garden by removing the grass in the area of the rock garden and cinder block garden.

In only the rock section, I laid out some weed block.  In the cinder block garden, I wanted the roots to be able to go low into the ground.

I had just completed landscaping my front yard when I started this project so I used all of the rocks I took out of the front yard for this project.

To finish off the rock garden, I added a nice bench with some stepping stones and a few raspberry plants.  I decided to dig some pots into the ground for the raspberry plants.

And now for why you are here:  The Cinder Block Garden!

I measured and planned exactly how I wanted the garden to look prior to buying the blocks.  I actually used legos to see exactly how many blocks I would need.  The graph paper just wasn’t doing it for me 😉

I decided to add a few stepping stones to make sections so I could reach all across.  There are just two square stones in each section.  They just have a design that makes them look like four.

The last touch I added was some white little rocks along the outside border of the garden just to make it look extra cute.

I’d call my first year of gardening a success!  I got a fair amount of strawberries and raspberries and a ton of basil, tomatoes, and zucchini.  I didn’t have any luck with green beans or broccoli but I will try again!

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How to Use Cubes as a Shoe Rack

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Hi Everyone!

Have you also been wondering what to do with all of your shoes?  It took me a few years of having shoes all over the place or ugly shoe shelves against my walls to realize this!

Cubes make for great shoe racks.  You can pick multiple divider sizes or bins if you want the shoes completely tucked away.

I chose to use one half divider and one quarter divider since my shoes are smaller than Nick’s.  We have our main shoes facing out as pictured above.  Shoes we don’t wear as often are to the side in another set of cubes.

Do you have any different type of storage that you use for your shoes?  Let me know!  I’m always looking for new ideas because even though the cubes look cool, they can be a little clunky.

Here are the pieces I use.  I use all espresso for the cubes I have but in the new house I’m going to switch to the weathered look.








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