6 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home 

Since we have an upcoming move, I’ve been doing a lot of research and preparation for the best tips and hacks to make our moving day a smooth one. There are so many little tricks for packing and labeling your items, change of address cheat sheets, and timelines to keep you on track– it’s almost just as overwhelming to just research about a move as it is to actually move!

Beyond the physical act of moving your belongings, I was thinking about tips to make your new house feel homey quickly. When you live someplace new, it can feel like you are simply a visitor and not a resident for awhile as you live among boxes and learn all of the new corners and character of your new home. To fast track the process of making my new house feel like home, I’ve put together some tips I’m working into my moving plan, and now I’m going to share them with you!

New Mattress & Bedding

Moving is a great time to slim down on your belongings. One major furniture item that can be a pain to move is your bed. Before moving, consider selling or donating your mattress and starting fresh with a new bed. New-age mattress companies, like Casper, will ship a new mattress to your home in a slim box. Simply unbox the memory foam mattress on your bed frame and enjoy a new bed without the hassle of moving your old mattress. Did I mention that moving is exhausting? Your mind and body will thank you when you get a good night’s rest.

Beyond a new mattress, be sure to have nice, clean linens on hand. When I clean my house, my first task is to make my bed, so moving into a new house will be no different. I plan on setting up and making my bed as soon as I can. Buy some new sheets to really splurge on yourself and your new bedroom. Knowing I can simply fall into fresh sheets at the end of a long day of moving will be a comfort.

Area Rugs

Other large decor items I plan on having ready to set up right away are my rugs. Not just my living room area rug either! I’m talking about area rugs for different areas of our home– welcome mats, bathroom rugs, and living room and bedroom area rugs, just to name a few. One of my favorite places to score new rugs is Rugs USA – they have a great selection and really great deals. Having your rugs handy will be a quick and easy way to add warmth, personality, and a cozy feeling to your rooms right away. There’s nothing like the familiar feeling of setting your feet on your area rug when you get out of bed or out of the shower when you’re in a new space. Familiar textures and sights in your new place will mean more to you than you may realize.

Candles & Air Fresheners

Continue to play to your senses and have your candles and air fresheners handy when you move in. Or, you could make a run to the store and purchase your familiar smells so you have fewer items to pack and move. It seems like a minor detail, but smell is one of the mind’s biggest memory triggers, so have familiar scents in your new home to help your mind and body settle in sooner.

Artwork & Family Photos

Hanging up your favorite artwork and beloved family photos can seem like a task that should be at the bottom of the moving in to-do list. However, choosing a few favorite pieces from your collection of art and family photos to hang or frames to set out immediately can warm your home and your heart right away.


Do you have a green thumb? Your plants will probably be one of the last things you pack by default, so be sure to find them new spots near your windows and get them a big drink of water so they start flourishing in your new space, just like you.

Coffee Machine & Mugs

Moving is hard work! If there is one thing I’m going to need to help power me through the day (and the days spent unpacking) and comfort me after my first night in the new space, it’s a mug of warm coffee. Pack a small box with your preferred coffee machine, a couple of mugs, coffee grounds, and filters to have all together and handy to quickly unpack and set up. It’ll feel less like you’re camping or staying in a hotel if you have your favorite mug and coffee grounds ready to go when you turn the key in your new door.

Everyone has different sights, smells, and textures they need for their space to feel cozy and homey. What items will you need for your new house to feel like a home?

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House Update 13

It’s official.  We have now moved in!

The first week was a tough one with this move. Our closing got pushed back by two days which meant we had to reschedule 8 vendors and meant we had to go 5 days without internet. This may not seem long but whole moving it would have been nice to be able to take a break and sit on the internet for a couple minutes or watch the YouTube vloggers.

The first day of moving didn’t go quite as expected. I had to be at the house because there were two appointments I couldn’t get rescheduled. The garage door opener installation and the grocery delivery. This worked out well though because I got the whole kitchen set up in that time and unpacked my closet.

For the first time, during the move, I got to the point that I could no longer move so I had to sit for the rest of the night. It was such a bummer because my mind was completely ready and wanting to get stuff done but my body just couldn’t. I was able to take that time to put together some curtain rods though.

On day 4 four of moving we started having the real issues. The power in the front of the house went out. The electrician determined that this was because a light bulb had a Nick on the end of it causing the electricity tobflow differently. The doorbell also went out because the transformer was bad. When we ran the dishwasher for the first time, it drained onto the floor. There was a hole in the motor. We also had a leak in our basement caused by a missing clamp. Then, while moving, the floor got a pretty large scratch in it.

We have now been in the house for two weeks and things are looking up. The only issue left to fix is the floor which would have been fixed earlier this week but the power went out right when the floor guy came.

Assure from all of the annoyances, everything is going well now. All of the furniture is set up and we are working on hanging drapes, installing cabinet knobs, and other little touches. We are hoping to have the inside looking completely like a house by the wedding.

I will be posting a house tour once we get back from our honeymoon. Stay tuned!

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