We’re Engaged!

We’re Engaged! November 8, 20165 Comments


Hello readers!  I have some very exciting news today!  Nick and I got engaged!  Actually, we got engaged on October 1st.  Since I make my posts a month in advance, my timing is a bit off.  But, this gives me ample time to soak up every exciting moment!

Everyone always asks how the guy proposes!  So, here’s the story.

We’ve been looking at rings all year.  Literally, since like January.   We weren’t seriously looking though until a few months ago.  The big event that got us really looking to find ‘the ring’ was that we decided to build a house!

For us, each new step of our relationship is a step we want to take together.  So, I was definitely not surprised by the proposal.  Quite the opposite actually.  I was included in the planning!

Since my ring is more expensive than Nick’s, I bought him a drone.  And, of course because we’re building a house and the footage will be amazing!

Luckily, we finally found a ring that I liked since I don’t really wear jewelry to begin with.  Once we had the ring in tote we went over to our new property to capture some drone footage.

Nick walked up to me, got down on one knee and then looked at me.  I looked at him and said ..”what?”.  Fully knowing what he wanted to say.  I told him he has to actually ask for me to say yes!  haha!  His reasoning was that the drone doesn’t have a microphone so it wouldn’t be recorded!

So, take two was really cute.  He said that he can propose in any way and then lifted the ring out of the box towards me and asked me to marry him.  Of course, I said yes!  This was just perfect to me.  It was simple and cute.

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