Why I Don’t Buy Bottled Water

Why I Don’t Buy Bottled Water October 8, 201617 Comments

Bottled Water

bottled water is expensive

I am quite cheap and spending a dollar or more or even $4 in airports for bottled water is just absurd to me!  Water from the sink and water fountains is so much cheaper that the amount of water you drink from those sources is practically free!  Also, airport trick, empty a reusable water bottle prior to going to the airport and fill it up once you are through security.

bottled water tastes gross

I’ve heard many people say that tap water tastes gross and in some places, yes, I agree.  Where I live though, the tap water tastes fine.  If I get water from my fridge it is also filtered.  For some reason bottled water just has a distinct weird flavor to.

bottled water takes up so much space

I’ve seen people with their shopping carts in the stores with stack upon stack of bottled water and I wonder where they store it all.  Even with two fridges I still don’t know where I would store much water.

bottled water fills creates too much waste

Ok, yes, these bottles are recyclable but they still take up a ton of space.  We are each supposed to drink 8 – 8oz cups of water per day.  What is this?  about 6 water bottles per person on average?  In a house of 4, this would be one entire case of water each day or 7 cases each week.  Imagine the recycling bin full of seven cases of empty water bottles.  There wouldn’t be room for anything else.

bottled water is not more convenient

I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go.  Literally everywhere.  Before I go to bed at night I fill the water bottle and put it in the fridge (on workdays only).  Then I just grab it in the morning the same way I would with a bottled water.  Filling the water bottle is about as much work as opening the package, taking out a water bottle, and putting it in the fridge.  Also, if I’m out and about I can just find a water fountain and fill up.  Otherwise I would need to find the  water in the store, bring it to the register,  find the appropriate money, and complete the transaction.

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  1. I totally agree with you by not supporting bottled water especially as companies like Nestlé are pumping the shit out of lakes while disasters like Flint happen in the meantime. Too bad you have to rely on bottled water in Thailand.

  2. Yes to all of this! I really don’t understand why people (my family) thinks it’s so hard to put water in a reusable water bottle. They go to Costco and buy bottled water every other week to take to work and school…. I’ve given them reusable water bottles but they don’t use them. Drives me crazy!

  3. Ahhh, but my tap water really is so gross! I mean, it tastes like metal, and I can’t even stomach it. We did have a well when I was growing up, and that was some tasty water!!! We FLYYY through bottled water in our house-and I know it’s soooo bad. I’ve been thinking of getting one of those water dispenser services-maybe it’s time! Thanks for sharing <3

  4. I agree though I haven’t completely given up buying bottled water. Sometimes when traveling, especially in developing countries, it’s a necessity because getting water from the tap is not an option.

  5. Oh totally agree! I bought a Disney Tsum Tsum Tervis bottle and I have completely given up water bottles … unless I forget my Tervis at home … in which case I find the cheapest, biggest bottle I can find so I can turn it into a doggie water bottle for when my pups go on adventures with me.

  6. I agree with all the points you made. I try to buy bottled water at all costs but there have been some times where I have no choice, like in 3rd world countries.

  7. You make some good points, but I live in Houston and will not drink tap water. I was at a seminar about a year ago where the guest speaker was a nutritionist. She said if you do nothing else, stop drinking tap water because it is so contaminated. However, you can avoid buying bottled water by purchasing a good home filtration system. Just a thought.

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