Garden Basil Butter

Garden Basil Butter September 13, 201611 Comments

Basil Butter

This summer I tried my hand at gardening for the first time!  I haven’t posted about the process yet but posts are coming!

I started my basil inside in early May.  It was a slow start.  The sprouts were so tiny and fragile and I definitely thought they weren’t going to grow.

Well, I was very wrong.  I transplanted them outside into a pot while I was still building my garden base.  They looked so pathetic.

Within a week or so, they got much stronger and I had a few little sturdy basil sprouts.  About two inches tall.

I transplanted the basil once again, this time into my garden and it took off!

I have had more basil than I’ve known what to do with.

Here’s one of the recipes I’ve made this summer.

Garlic Basil Butter

  • 1 Stick of Butter
  • 8 basil leaves chopped
  • Lemon Pepper Seaoning

The recipe is very simple.  Let the butter get to room temperature then mix in the basil and seasoning.



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  1. I love fresh basil! My mom grows herbs and I love cooking with them. But she’s in the next state and I haven’t had time to start my own garden. Maybe I’ll do that this spring, because I would love to try that butter! I think I’d put it on everything!

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