Ragu Homestyle Chicken Pasta Parm

Here in Denver, there’s been a recent cool front which is much appreciated since there has been so much heat!  This cool front also brings the first hint of fall weather with the cool air and warm sun.  The slight breeze and cool evenings.  This is the perfect weather for a Homestyle meal!  When I think of a Homestyle meal, I think of a cool day and night with a warm and hearty dinner.  The foods that make you feel cozy and content.

So this brings us to today’s great recipe brought to you by Ragu and their new Homestyle  Pasta Sauces!

Chicken Pasta Parm

I’ve always loved Spaghetti and Chicken Parmesan.  I’ve also always made them for completely separate meals.  This time, I figured I’d try something I’d never tried before and make them together.  Can’t go wrong!  Two amazing Ragu Homestyle meals in one dish!

The recipe for this is very easy:


  • Ragu Homestyle Pasta Sauce
  • Your favorite Pasta (I used bow-ties and only used about 3/4 of the box)
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (a heaping handful)
  • Diced Chicken (I breaded mine but the recipe would be just fine without breading too!)
  • Parmesan Cheese


Boil the noodles and drain the water once cooked.

Noodles Ragu Homestyle

In a separate pan, sear the chicken until fully cooked.

Chicken Cooked Ragu Homestyle

Add the chicken to the noodles.

Ragu Homestyle Chicken Cooked

Pour Ragu Homestyle pasta sauce over the chicken and noodles and mix then top with cheese.

Ragu Homestyle

And there’s a fantastic way to spend the upcoming cool nights.  A warm home cooked, homestyle meal.

I made this meal with enough to have leftovers for lunch a couple times throughout the week and was so impressed with the Ragu Homestlye sauce!  Honestly, I usually go for the cheapest canned sauce I can find but after tasting the Thick & Hearty Traditional, I just may never go back to canned sauces again.  This sauce has the perfect amount of flavor and just the right amount of sweetness.


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7 thoughts on “Ragu Homestyle Chicken Pasta Parm

  1. candy says:

    I will be adding this recipe to my box except I’ll use my homemade sauce, homegrown chickens and homemade noodles and mozzeralla cheese we make.

  2. Amberjane says:

    Looks incredibly tasty I will add it to my Menu Planning this week although I may have to use Turkey – now we own chickens ! I do love Italian though so this recipe is right up my street.

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