Dear My 21 Year Old Self

Dear My 21 Year Old Self Rectangle

I am so proud that you are following your dreams and keep trying to push the status quo.  They say ‘nobody really takes you seriously until you are 25’ but you doing everything in your power to prove them wrong.  Unfortunately, though, this is true.  You won’t be taken seriously until you are 25.   But, every little thing you’re doing to try to prove them wrong will help you so much in the future.

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You’ve been working so hard on your book Alex and John’s Scientific Adventures and have done a great cost analysis of materials for printing.  Enjoy your book release party!  It’s coming up in a few months and will be a day to remember.

Be thankful for all everybody has done and will do for you.  You will be so humbled to reconnect with teachers from your elementary school days at your book release party and even more surprised to see that even though you were one person in a class of thirty in just one school year out of their teaching career, they still remember you, and care about you, and will even bring your old school projects for you to sign.

You have already started your MBA and I promise yes, one day, school does end.  I know you’re quite concerned.  And still, even though you aren’t yet 25 and taken seriously, you are building a great foundation for future success.

Little do you know, but by doing the cost analysis for your book, you realized how great of a tool Excel really is.  With your new financial background, you will become determined and decide to create your entire personal accounting system within Excel and will become an Excel expert.

Life isn’t always perfect though.  Where there are hills, there must also be valleys.  Remember to keep your head up through all of them and keep pushing on as you always do because one of those times, it will really pay off.

There will be times when you are so fed up with work, bored out of your mind at home, and just contemplating starting from scratch.  Keep pushing.  All of the hard work you’ve done along the way will pay off.  I know, people always say that, but it’s true!

You will bring a copy of your book and your personal finance spreadsheet to an interview for a job that you so desperately want because your current work situation is so stressful it’s made you physically ill.

And just when you are ready to give up, you’ll get a call back and you get the job that will allow you to really start enjoying your life.  All of the hard work you’re putting in along the way prior to turning 25 will pay off.

Be proud of the foundation you’ve built, your determination, and your positive attitude.  Never give up, always be humble, and take the skills you learn and use them to help others.

PS. I know you are so anxious to know if and when you will ever find someone you will fall in love with. Take a look around because the man of your dreams is right next to you but you won’t know who he is for a few more years.

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11 thoughts on “Dear My 21 Year Old Self

  1. Louisa says:

    I’d love to write to my 21 year old self. If I recall right I had a baby with another on the way. Very daunting at such a young age. I’d have so much to say just like you. I’d let myself know that I’m a strong woman and will go through even tougher situations but survive.

  2. Marta says:

    You seems very mature, and I totally take you seriously 🙂 Btw, it’s not about the age, I know a lot of people who are over 30, 40, even 50 and still nobody takes them seriously.

  3. Kerry says:

    Love this post! I think we all have this image in our head that we will have everything sorted out by the time were 22, but realistically, things will fall into place whenever they decide to. Your 20s are still a time to make mistakes and learn from them, I think we all stress too much when it comes down to it.

  4. Tiina A says:

    i wrote a letterfor myself when I was fourteen. It was meant to read when I was 21, but I still haven’t read it. In the age of 14 it seems to be such a long way to 21 and you think that at that age you are so grown-up. How little did you know!

  5. Dreammerin says:

    I like to read the articles like this one.
    Quoted “Be proud of the foundation you’ve built, your determination, and your positive attitude. Never give up, always be humble, and take the skills you learn and use them to help others.”
    I try never to forget any of these advices you’re sharing with us!
    We all are still working on ourselves every day!

  6. Ana De- Jesus says:

    Aw bless you, even though I am 22 and was still 21 last year it feels like I am a different person and so much has changed. Grrr the age thing really does me in, we are still treated as teens.

  7. Tiina A says:

    I wrote a letter for myself when I was fourteen. It was for a 21-year old me. I thought a 21 year old is really old and grown-up and somehow already so well-balance with the whole life. How little did I know!

  8. Dreammerin says:

    We should be proud of ourselves and never give up! Moreover the positive attitude is very important in our everyday’ lives! We changed… and we are still changing because we believe in our dreams.

  9. Fatima says:

    I believe that things do change with age. Earlier, I used to be different but now I realize many changes in me and they are always for the better.

  10. Kenia Mazariegos says:

    It’s always bothered me how people are so critical on age, I don’t think age is a reflection on wisdom or success. People are different and have different ambitions, that’s how I see it. Great post.

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