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April 2016 Blog Income Report

April 2016 Blog Income Report May 7, 2016Leave a comment

April 2016 Blog Income Report

This Month’s Top Post: My Favorite Face Products – 317 Views – 2 Comments

This Month’s Runner Up: The Ultimate BLT – 279 Views – 21 Comments

April was great month for rest!  I had my birthday, went on a trip, and took a pretty big break from blogging.  I typically post in Facebook share groups on Saturday when I add new posts, and also on a few threads each day during the week.  This month, I only posted on Saturdays with a few extra days, but not many.  I was very impressed to see that my stats were about the same place they usually are but I did a lot less work.  That shows improvement right?

I also started receiving direct views, search views, and Pinterest views this month.  Until now, I rarely had a view from any source other than Facebook.  I can only imagine if I create killer posts, share them on media daily, and post more often, how much the blog would grow.

This month, I did not do any freelance work and because I wasn’t participating in Facebook groups regularly, my Adsense total was lower than usual.  This is quite all right though because the blog is more about having a fun hobby than making money.  I won’t complain about any money though 😉

April 2016 Income Statement:

Google Adsense – $44.84
Sponsored Posts – $5.00
Freelancing – $0.00
Personal Sales – $5.18
Total: $55.02

Total: $0.00

NET INCOME: $55.02

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April 2016 Monthly Updates

This month, I increased my total social following by 8% which I find extremely great because I didn’t participate in the follow threads that I usually do.

I also decided this month to take Guest Blog posts off of my goals for this year.  There were a few reasons for this.  If I create a post, I want to be able to use it on my blog.  Also, I may not agree with every post written on another blog and I want to make sure to be involved in only what I agree with.

My focus for this month was to focus on editing my blog pages and old posts.  I searched high and low and with a lot of coding, figured out how to do everything I wanted to do.  I now have a new home page and have updated pages that auto-populate when I have a new post.  I still have to go through some of the old posts and edit, but I did get about halfway through my archives.

Focus for Next Month
Next month, I plan to finalize the archived blog posts and learn more about scheduling pins for Pinterest.

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