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The Only Way I Make Bacon

The Only Way I Make Bacon September 7, 2015Leave a comment


Happy Labor Day everyone!

Who’s getting up and making some breakfast for the family today?

With that in mind, today’s post is all about BACON!  MMM  Bacon, bacon, bacon.

Childhood Days:
When I was growing up, bacon was one of those things that didn’t happen very often, and for good reason.  My parents would always cook it on the stove top with one of those splatter shields.  It was a huge pain, literally.  The grease would splatter out of the pan causing little burns to whomever was cooking, the grease would also splatter all over the stove which was a clean up nightmare, and then once you finally have the delicious bacon, you are left with a pool of grease to figure out what to do with.  Anybody else have a coffee can under their sink for this reason?  GROSS!

So, of course, now that I’ve got my own house, there is no way I’m causing all of that mess!  And, I’m really not one to stand over the stove and watch something cook.  So I took to experimenting and here’s how it went.

Apartment Days: 
Materials: 2 Plates, many paper towels
During my apartment days, I tried desperately to find a quick and easy way to cook the bacon.  My main method was to put paper towels on top of a plate, then add the bacon, then more paper towels and cook the bacon in the microwave.  This worked well but created a lot of messy paper towels.

Homeowner Days:
Materials: Dollar store cookie sheet and cooling rack, foil
Now, to my homeowner days.  Similar to the stove issue, I didn’t like how much mess the microwave option created so I kept searching. I also became a huge fan of my oven since buying my house.  I can just walk away and it does all the cooking for me.

Take 1:
It took a few tries to get it right though.  The first time, I put the bacon straight on the cookie sheet.  Then when I took the bacon off, I had to put it on a few paper towels because it was dripping with grease.  With this one, I decided to let the grease dry on the pan and just throw it away.

Take 2:
I had to fix the problem of the bacon sitting in the grease so, out came the cooking rack. and, we have a success!  Perfect bacon!  Although, still a mess in the sheet and another cookie sheet got to meet the trash can.

Take 3:
Eurica!  We’ve got it.  Aluminum foil covering the cookie sheet completely!  So, I finally made my way to perfection.  After the cookie sheet cools and the grease is a bit hardened, I just wrap it up in the foil and the mess is cleaned.  Except for the cooling rack which just needs a little scrub and it goes into the dishwasher.  This is now my only way of cooking bacon.

And of course, to bring it full circle, I told my mom of this method and now it is her only way of cooking bacon too!

Happy Bacon Making!

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