Home Made Fried Wontons from Scratch!

Home Made Fried Wontons from Scratch! July 27, 20158 Comments

Fried Wontons
My favorite part of any Chinese meal is the Crab Cream Cheese Wontons.  One day I decided to try to make them from scratch and I determined that it’s actually really simple!

As we know, I’m an abstract cook, thus I don’t typically use timers or measuring devices.

Cream Cheese
Crab meat or imitation crab meat
Worcestershire Sauce
Green onion (if desired)
Oil (I used vegetable oil because that’s what I had)

Quick Steps

The Dough
1. Put a pile of flour onto your table.
2. Mix a pinch of salt into the flour.
3. Dig a well into your flour mound
4. Add an egg to the well then mix.
5. Add water and kneed little by little until the the dough forms.
6. Section the dough and cover with a moist towel any time it is not in use.

The Filling
7. Put a package of cream cheese into a bowl
8. Add a dash of worcestershire sauce and mix.
9. If desired, mix in some green onions.
10.  Add crab meat and mix again.

Putting it All Together
11. Role out about 1/4 of your dough.
12. Cut dough into squares.60106-wp_20140615_003
13. Add a spoonful of filling into the enter of the square
14. Use a dab of water to act as a glue and pinch the corners together
15. Repeat until all dough is used
16. Place wontons in a pot of boiling oil until golden brown then place on a paper towel until dried.

*Helpful Hint – Create an assembly line since the cooking process is very quick!

25ab6-wp_20140615_006      6b282-wp_20140615_007

Now all that’s needed is the duck sauce.  I just bought that at the store.  Easy peasy!

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  1. I've always wondered how to make Fried Wontons. Your recipe looks user-friendly and easy to do. And I appreciate all the lovely photos you've included as I rely heavily on images whenever I try out a new recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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